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Goal #1 After Comp – Final Boss!

Even after getting a completionist cape, there’s still a lot to do to accomplish. Sure, they’re fairly player-driven and not something the game encourages, but digging deeper shows even more content to do.

Me? I’m going for Final Boss.

For the people that don’t know what Final Boss is, it’s a title that’s awarded by killing all 100 bosses in the game (normal and Hard modes are added up in a total). Currently¬†out of that list, all I have left to do is 54 Barrows runs and 69 Fight Kiln.

In terms of estimated time? Well, each Barrows run takes 3 minutes and Kiln 25 minutes (AFKing it at least, concentrating takes 20 minutes). With 54 * 3 minutes + 69 * 25 minutes, that’s 1887¬†minutes, or roughly 31 hours.

Regardless, I hope to get it by the end of the month.

~ Evil Lucario



Achieving Completionist Cape on February 19th!

Title says all! On Thursday, February 19th, I will be achieving the Completionist cape on 16:00 Central Standard Time (CST) or 22:00 In-Game Time at Varrock Museum, right outside of it. You can find out when that time corresponds to you through this website.

Completionist #1

My current status at 2/8/15; gotta get grinding!

Completionist #2

I can almost taste the particles…

The follow-up post to this.

Hope to see you all there!

~ Evil Lucario


A week or so ago I said that my blog would be receiving some changes, not only in appearance but in content as I would be inviting fellow Runescape player and blogger Evil Lucario to write for the blog. Today I am happy to announce that Evil Lucario is an official part of the team!

With the addition to another Runescape blogger we can post more frequently and cover a wider range of stuff. She has a vast range of experience in areas that I don’t have, so it’ll add more depth to the blog.