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Full List of Legacy’s Implementation and Changes

Today marks the release of Legacy, but alongside that comes some global changes to combat and the game in general. Here’s a full list with a brief description.

– New 138 Combat formula

The most noticeable of changes, this is a combat formula build around the pre-EoC combat formula and balancing Ranged and Magic’s contribution. Here’s the formula itself:

New 138 Formula

– Special attacks

Making a return since EoC’s release, these powerful attacks are only available from wielding a specific weapon and using the special attack, costing a specific amount of adrenaline (EoC) or special energy (Legacy). With their implementation comes the removal of weapon passives like godswords, but the specials will more than make up for the removed passives, so don’t panic sell that Saradomin godsword just yet!

– LP change

Instead of armor providing the majority of LP bonuses and Constitution providing 40 LP per level, your Constitution level now provides 100 LP per level and armor LP bonus is kept to a minimum. In fact, only tank armors above level 80 and Nex armor have an LP bonus. Worry not, however, as base max LP will only increase instead of decrease.

– Pre-EoC animations

This is a Legacy-only change, where those using Legacy sees pre-EoC animations. This is visible by all in the same world, indicating who’s using Legacy and who’s not except in EoC-only worlds.

Legacy Update #1

Speaking of…

– EoC/Legacy-only worlds

Some servers will be reclassified as EoC-only or Legacy-only worlds.

Legacy Update #2

– Replacement of critical chance for Strength bonus

All critical-giving bonuses on jewelry and capes are replaced with flat damage boosts. Weapons with critical chance like claws and Korasi’s sword are not getting anything back for their loss, however. “Critical” hit splats now occur if you hit 90%-100% of your max hit in EoC or your max hit in Legacy.

These damage boosts are much more potent than before’s boosts. For example, a full set of power armor will equal aout to 12.5% of the fastest weapons’s damage of that tier, instead of previously being 10%. The armor king of DPS, Void Knight robes, are (allegedly) buffed from 5% to 7.5% extra damage, which can be further increased through power boots.

Finally, abilities that relied on criticals are either slgihtly buffed as compensation or completely lost the effect without any added buffs. For example, instead of Slice giving a 10% bonus chance of hitting a critical hit on the next hit, simply became a harder hit on its own. More information will be below as we go through the ability changes.

Legacy Update #4

Before today…

Legacy Update #3


– Ability changes

Abilities are also getting reworked for the update. A full list of abilities that are getting changed up is as follows:

Slice: 110%

Wrack/Piercing Shot: 94%/125%

Sonic Wave: 157%

Needle Strike: 157% + 5% damage to next hit

Dazing Shot: 157%

Concentrated Blast: 75% + 82% + 89%

Fury: Same as Concentrated Blast, 5 second cooldown

Snipe: 125-219%, drops protection Prayers

Dragon Breath: Increased range (more reliable), drops protection Prayers

Deadshot: 188% + 313% bleed (same as Massacre with a faster recharge)

Wild Magic: 50-215% x 2

Snapshot: 100-120% + 100-210%

Cleave: 188%

Quake: 188%, bigger defense drain and also an invisible armor drain

Detonate: 6 seconds for maximum damage

Havoc: 125%, 5 second recharge, drops protection Prayers

Decimate: 188%, 7 second recharge

Flurry: 94% x 4

Sever: Debuff shortened to 5 seconds, recharge shortened to 15 seconds

Combust/Fragmentation Shot: 100-188%, x 2 damage if target moves from location

Punish: 94%/125%, recharge shortened to 3 seconds

Dismember: 100-188%, recharge shortened to 15 seconds

Slaughter: Hits 5 times

Overall, Melee is given a direct buff, Ranged stays mostly the same, and Magic is toned down a bit.

That’s all the changes made for today’s update. Hope you all have a great time using this mode!

~ Evil Lucario