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Scape Smart in 2015

Another year in Gielinor has been spent and 2015 quickly approaching us. Because of this, I figured it would be an opportune time to share some of the details about where we’re headed in the coming year. I will admit that this fall has been rather sparse in terms of posts, but I’m glad to say that my busy season is soon ending, which means I get to spend some more time keeping Scape Smart updated. With that said, some of our goals for 2015 are finishing our guide to the entirety of Elf City, guides to every God War Dungeon boss, skill guides, perhaps a few blog series of something, as well as everything else.

With that said, I would like to thank you for sticking around with us for the past few years. Have a good holiday, don’t forget to make some EXP on the side, and drink some eggnog.



Smart Scaping: Trahaearn (Mining & Smithing)


The Trahaearn clan in Elf City can be found immediately to the east upon entering the gates of the city.


One: Five Seren Stone deposits

Two: Eight Gem Rock deposits

Three: Eight Coal deposits, six Mithril deposits, two Runite deposits

Four: Eight Adamantite deposits

Five: Four anvils and one forge

Six: Crate containing Memoriam Crystal 07

Seven: One Tree patch

Low Level Mining

While the focus of Trahaearn is on high level mining, a few options exist for those in the lower levels. Coal mining is very efficient as the bank is closer than the deposit box at Living Rock Caverns and there are enough coal deposits to keep you constantly mining. Even if the player cannot access the Seren Stones they still have a chance of receiving Corrupt Ore while mining the other ores in the clan but only while the Voice of Seren is active. Another great mining option are the gem rocks. Anyone who has access to the city will have the ability to mine the gem rocks. Gem rocks can be very rewarding in more than just one way. Firstly, they provide an easy money source as players have the rare chance of mining an uncut Onyx. In addition, the rocks provide many Spirit Gems which are equipped in the pocket slot to save charms during Summoning training.

At exactly an hour of mining (with no Voice of Seren) this was my gatherings, note that my profit would have been tripled if I had received an Onyx.


In addition I received: 6 Spirit Emeralds, 14 Spirit Rubies, 17 Spirit Sapphires, 5 Spirit Diamonds, and 8 Spirit Dragonstones. I was filling my inventory around every 7 and a half minutes.

All in all, gem rocks aren’t very profitable if you don’t get lucky with an Onyx. However, they have the ability to save you countless charms while summoning.

High Level Mining

By far the biggest draw to the Trahaearn clan is the Seren Stones. Comparable to ivy for miners or Living Rock Caverns, these rocks offer effortless mining and are currently the best in the game for exp rates. While mining Seren Stones, players will receive Corrupt Ore, a stackable resource which can be ‘destroyed’ at a forge for smithing exp. Constantly receiving Corrupt Ore is not a guarantee, instead players will receive it around every two or three successful mines.

Upon mining 100 Corrupt Ore players will receive ‘of the Trahaearn’ tite.

At 99 Mining with a Dragon Pickax I’ve been getting almost exactly 200 Corrupt Ore per hour, regardless of the Voice of Seren. With the Voice of Seren active I received exactly 185k Mining exp, without the Voice of Seren players can expect to average between 100k-120k Mining exp an hour dependent on levels.

With full boost and double exp players can reach upwards of 400k Mining exp an hour! Making it by far the fastest method of training in the game.


Exactly 1,500 Corrupt Ore can be smithed per hour, granting a player 225k Smithing exp an hour or 270k Smithing exp if the Voice of Seren is active. This is a great option for Smithing if a player cannot afford other methods, however gathering the ore is slow but provides quality Smithing rates per hour.

After a player has destroyed 100 Corrupt Ore they can speak to Lady Trahaearn located at the Seren Stones to receive a Smithing lamp worth 50k exp.


Pick-pocketing from Trahaearn workers can grant players ores, smelted bars, Dwarven Stout, and Brawling Gloves (Smithing & Mining). These rewards are unique to the Trahaearn workers only.

See other Elf City Clan guides here.

Elf City Guides Database

We’ve put together a detailed guides to the city to show you the best skilling spots, hidden content, as well efficiency training. Since this is a massive city its naturally a huge guide which covers everything you need to know, thus its been split into the different clans of the city. Below you’ll find links to each clan held in the city for further detail about them.

Still trying to get into the city? We got a guide for that too.


Miscellaneous Content & City Overview

Iorwerth (Melee & Slayer)

Cadarn (Ranged & Magic)

Trahaearn (Mining & Smithing)

Crwys (Farming & Woodcutting)


Coming November:

Ithell (Construction & Crafting)

Amlodd (Divination & Summoning)

Hefin (Agility & Prayer)

Meilyer (Dungeoneering & Herblore)

How to Prepare for World Event Two

It’s coming, in under a week players will be battling it out to protect one of two gods, in what will be RuneScape’s second World Event, this time, featuring no one other than Bandos and Armadyl. With time closing in, everyone’s starting to prepare, and with us we’ll let you know the top ways to prepare for The Bird and the Beast epic World Event 2!

Divination Training

It has been stated many times by RuneScape that Divination will play a big role in this event. Divine tears have dried up since the last event and players will need to support their gods in other methods, one of these ways is through divination skilling in the event. While in the last event your skill levels did not matter it is still a good idea to get to a high Divination level. This will give you a good understanding of the skill, and if there is a chance that your level does have influence then you are well prepared.

You can start training Divination south-east of Draynor.

Missing, Presumed Death

This is the latest Sixth Age quest and it prepares you for World Event 2 in more ways than one. If you haven’t finished the quest then now would be a good time to do so. You’ll be able to see the gods Bandos and Armadyl for the first time as well as get some background lore information leading up to this event.

You can start the quest north of the Dig Site.


Safe player killing is going to feature in this World Event! Through PvP, players will be able to get juicy Prayer exp, support their god, and bust some skulls of those on the opposing team. While this isn’t the main way to participate in the event, it looks like you can heavily benefit from it. So dust off your PvP skills, get some practice, stock up on food, and find your old PvP armor so you’ll dominate the other players! The PvP will be across nearly the whole game world and you’ll be able to kill anyone of any level. However, there will be damage scaling so high combat levels can’t cream the lower levels. Its good to note that you will be able to toggle off the PvP aspect of the Event after it starts.

Tip: RuneScape is new to combat and damage scaling, right after the event starts I’m sure it wont be operating at 100%, so you might have a easier chance of killing someone of a different combat level than you. With that said, get out there and start training!

Understanding Event Mechanics 

It appears that this event will be more complicated than the first World Event. There will be more ways to help your god and better rewards. Having an understanding of the event mechanics and background is very important, especially before the event is released, the Behind the Scenes video for this event will give you a better understanding of how exactly the Event is going to work.

Don’t forget! Which ever god loses dies permanently within the game, so choose wisely and good luck!

Weekly Tips: 17

Take a careful look at the abilities you use in combat! For example, the basic Attack ability Sever, in addition to dealing massive damage, can reduce damage done to you by 10%. Examine each ability and see how you can chain abilities efficiently to deal the most damage.

A few more examples include:

Decimate – increases damage if the target is using a shield
Slaughter – triples bleed damage if the target moves from its initial position
Binding Shot OR Impact –> Piercing Shot OR Wrack – Normally, Piercing Shot and Wrack does 125% of weapon damage. However, right after using Binding Shot or Impact, which stuns enemies and also deals 100% of weapon damage, damage Piercing Shot and Wrack climbs up to 157%.

The long and short of it all is: examine each ability and check out how to use each ability’s special affects to line up with each other for maximum damage potential. You’ll be surprised how much more efficient combat can be if done correctly.

Weekly Tips: 16

We’re having a new schedule with Weekly Tips from now on. They will now be posted once every Saturday at 10:30 CST PM.

Achievements are worth doing! Each area has their own specific set of Tasks that can range from a number of things – farming, smithing, some funny thing, you name it. Not to mention, the various pieces of equipment you can earn from these Achievements can be very helpful in various things. For example, the Seers’ headband is a permanent light source, even in the inventory, and the explorer’s ring can give 15 free High Level Alchemy casts.

Fantastic Budget Weapons

If you’re hurting for cash and need great, yet cheap weapons, look no further than here. Below is a list of of what I like to call Infinity -1 Swords. Basically, Infinity -1 Swords are perfectly functional and hard-hitting weapons that don’t take as much time to obtain as the higher-tiered weapons that are arguably the best weapons in the game, which I like to call Infinity +1 Swords.


At level 70, the abyssal whip is a good, yet cheap weapon to use. When paired up with an offhand dragon weapon or the Enhanced Excalibur (requires high skill levels and quests, though), it becomes very effective for those with small amounts of cash or those recovering from a scam. If you want to use a shield instead, get the level 70 Bandos warshield, at a cheap price of 111k.

If you’re going for the two-handed approach, go with Barrows’ weapons. Verac’s flail, Dharok’s greataxe, Guthan’s spear, and Torag’s hammer are each level 70 weapons that can hit harder than the abyssal whip + offhand dragon weapons at the cost of more money spent for buying and repairing the weapons. Out of those four, Torag’s hammer is the cheapest at 190k (at the time of this writing), but be mindful that Barrows equipment does degrade, so when using it, be prepare to spend money to keep using it. Alternatively, if you partly completed the quest The Branches of Darkmeyer, you can create blisterwood polearms, level 70 crushing weapons obtained virtually for free.

To summarize, if you’re going the dual-wielding route, the abyssal whip + offhand dragon weapon should do fine. If going with a two-handed weapon, Barrows weapons or the blisterwood polearm are the way to go. If shields, then abyssal whip + Bandos warshield.


This is a no-brainer. Though there is a level 70 Barrows weapon for Ranged (Karil’s crossbow), it’s not as cheap as the black salamander, another level 70 Ranged weapon that does everything Karil’s crossbow can do, but better. It doesn’t degrade, has very strong damage output, has cheaper ammunition (196 gp compared to 484 gp), and only costs 364 gp on the Grand Exchange compared to Karil’s crossbow’s 369k. Alternatively, if you like playing defensively, the dark bow is a good level 70 shieldbow to use at 79k.

For dual-wielding, it’s a little tricky, as Karil’s pistol crossbows and the Armadyl crossbow are very expensive for level 70 weapons (around 5m for a set of both pistol crossbows and 6m for the Armadyl crossbow). However, at the same place you create a blisterwood polearm in The Branches of Darkmeyer, you could also fletch yourself blisterwood stakes, level 70 weapons for dual-wielding. You can replace the main-hand blisterwood stakes with sagaies, level 72 weapons that cost 169 gp each, to increase damage output even further.

To summarize: if playing defensively, go for the dark bow. If going the two-handed approach, black salamander. For dual-wielding, dual blisterwood stakes or sagaie + offhand blisterwood stakes.


This is the fun part, where Magic becomes stupidly powerful – sometimes even more so than the Infinity +1 Swords of melee against the right target. In staves, the Staff of Light at level 75 is a great choice, as it periodically negates rune consumption and comes at a fairly low price of 269k.

Dual-wielding is where it gets very interesting, however. At level 70, you can get the wand of treachery, which does come at a relative premium at 588k. Combine that with either a ward of subjugation (152k) or an offhand weapon to further increase its potential. Good budget offhand weapons include the Tome of Frost, a Dungeoneering reward which is an offhand level 48 book that provides infinite water runes (and my personal choice), and the grifolic orb, a level 60 orb costing 29k without any other special benefits. The real kicker about dual-wielding magic, however, is the ability Concentrated Blast. It’s a three-hit combo attack that recharges extremely quickly and hits like a truck against most enemies. At times, it can even out-perform the chaotic staff if accuracy isn’t an issue.

To recap: for two-handed, Staff of Light. For dual-wielding, a wand of treachery and either the Tome of Frost or a grifolic orb. Finally, for defensive play, a wand of treachery and a ward of subjugation.

Though these weapons aren’t the best of the best, they still get the job done fairly well. In fact, I sometimes use these Infinity -1 Swords at times over my stronger weapons if I don’t feel like spending recharge money on my higher-tiered weapons, like chaotics and drygores.

~Evil Lucario