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‘Scape Stories: Dagannoth Kings

Every Monday, we’re planning on starting a weekly series of random stories throughout our RuneScape experiences. Each story would be about a different situation, be it humorous or jaw-dropping. Anyways, we hope you enjoy these future posts as we move along into the future.

Dagannoth Kings are among my favorite bosses to kill in RuneScape. In fact, I recently made a guide dedicated on them. Anyways, last Friday, I was killing them when my computer downloaded new updates for Windows 7. My computer needed to restart itself to install the updates, but as I was in the middle of killing Dagannoth Kings, I simply clicked the “one hour” delay and thought nothing of it afterwards.

That is, until an hour later, when the prompt came again. This time, I ignored it completely, and ten minutes later, my computer automatically shut down while I was killing Dagannoth Prime. At this point, I panicked as I waited for the computer to finish installing the updates and restart. I thought I had died there, so I rushed to get back online and retrieve my stuff. After five minutes, I managed to log back on. But the sight before me wasn’t what expected: when I logged back on, my character was still alivebut with only 254 LP left. I immediately ate sharks as I ran out of the room when Dagannoth Prime and Supreme caught sight of me. I had almost died there, and without realizing it.

What random things happened to you while you were playing RuneScape? Let us know in the comments below.

~ Evil Lucario