Smart Scaping: How to Prepare for Elf City

Elf City is coming. Soon the crystal gates will be opened to Prifddinas and massive content and rewards will  lie behind it.

However, just like anything it’ll be a long road to unlocking those doors. So while we wait for the epic release planned in September, now is no better time then to start preparing yourself.

What We’ll Get

At the start of all this I had no idea what to expect for this big update. I figured that we’d get another Varrock or Falador: a fun little city to explore but after that nothing really to keep you there. However, as they began to release the player polls and gave us more information behind the update I soon saw just how wrong I was.

Not only are we getting another Varrock but also a Varrock with skilling hot spots. Places to go to train a certain skill in a way that’s the most efficient or a method which grants valuable rewards. Basically the skills that are being ‘included’ in the update are getting a mini revamp, more rewards as well as different/better ways in which to train them.

Basic Requirements

The funny thing is, I think alot of people are going to forget that this is a quest update and that this quest requires quite a few quest requirements. I think for most people they are viewing this as a new city to explore, but this city comes with a quest. I’ve not gotten myself all the way through the quest requirements for Prifddinas  but I can safely say for the most part its a fun series. I would say that the quest content isn’t that amazing, alot of boring grinds to get through locations (Underground Pass, and then navigating through the Elf woods) however the plot behind these quests is very well thought out.

So with that said, here are the quests that need to be completed before starting Plague’s End (the upcoming new quest):

Within the Light

-Mourning’s End Part II

–Mourning’s End Part I

—Big Chompy Bird Hunting

—Sheep Herder

—Roving Elves

—-Waterfall Quest


—–Underground Pass


——-Plague City

Catapult Construction

Outside of these quests you’ll also need to have at least level 75 in a slue of skills: Construction, Dungeoneering, Agility, Crafting, Herblore, Mining, Prayer, Summoning.

Additional Suggested Requirements

Outside of those quests and the required skill levels that’s all that is needed to start and complete the quest (to date). However, there is still other things you could meet to further help you out on the quest. The major thing would be skill levels. I highly recommend reaching 85 or 90 in those above required skills.

The reason being is that it’ll give you twice as much content to use once you’ve gotten inside the city. Inside the city there is different skill ‘clans’, in those clans you can train certain skills using new methods. At higher levels you unlock better rewards and xp rates.


Overall its going to be a great update. RuneScape will be getting another skilling hub with massive new content to use. I myself am looking forward to this update the most this fall. Although its still in development Jagex said they are shooting for the first batch of content to be released at the beginning of September. As they said they would be splitting the update into two halves. Anyway, enjoy the update and start grinding those Agility levels!!



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