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2014 Recap and 2015 Dreams

2014 is over already? Well, that was sudden.

It’s amazing, however. 2014 was probably the time I had the most fun in RuneScape. There was never a time where I didn’t want to log on – I just kept having a lot of fun daily, no matter what happened.

Regardless, 2014 was among the most productive times I had. Here’s a comprehensive list of all of my noteworthy achievements:

• 2400 total level
• Taskmaster unlocked
• Ascension crossbows made
• Maxing out player-owned ports (two sets of all superior items)
• Convincing Mod Pi to make some much-needed improvements to Melee
• Noxious staff bought
• Mastering almost every boss (bar Vorago and RotS)
• Soloed Nex for the first time

And finally…
• Max cape!

It may look a bit focused on combat, but getting 99 in all skills practically makes up for it all that other areas, and that doesn’t touch upon the others like Taskmaster and maxing ports out.

2015, so far, has already been shaping up for a great year. I bought a seismic set to truly have level 90 dual wield weapons, though I had to sell off my noxious staff to buy it. With it, however, I was able to learn how to do Vorago well – bomb tanking, in fact, which is basically being the person who tanks all of Vorago’s Magic attacks. Painful.

What about for 2015 goals? I know I have a bit of big things to achieve, so here’s mine:

• Completionist cape by February or March
• Some skills with 104m XP, notably Magic, Slayer, and Cooking
• Final Boss title
• All noxious weaponry
• Finishing up my collection of hydrix jewelry (reaper necklace)
• Solo Nex two kills a trip
• Solo the Kalphite King
• Master Vorago and RotS killing
• Setting quick records at various bosses (QBD and GWD in particular)
• Get pet forms in all Legiones, QBD, Dagannoth Kings, and Kalphite King

Seems like a lofty goal, but I’m committed to achieving them all. How about you guys? What are your 2015 goals?

~ Evil Lucario


Auras – What to Prioritize

Auras are special equipment from the Loyalty Shop, only bought with Loyalty Points. These Points can only be accumulated through continuous membership, which increase the longer you remain as a member at a time. Some certain auras can also be upgraded to be even more potent, but require even more Loyalty Points in themselves. The problem is for most: which auras should be bought first, given the limited nature of Loyalty Points? Well, this post is just for you to decide what to get.

What do auras do? Well, they’re little benefits that can be equipped and activated as a passive buff to either combat or skilling, depending on the aura itself. They last a certain amount of time, ranging from less than 20 minutes to over 3 hours, again depending on the aura. After the buff wears out, they deactivate and require waiting a few hours until it can be used again. Some auras can also be upgraded to carry even more potent effects with the appropriate Loyalty Points required, as stated before.

Because there’s a wide variety of auras available to all, people may favor different auras over others. As such, this post will be divided in two sections: combat and skilling.

Before I go on, however, I will introduce the aura that should be obtained first before any other, no matter who you are: Jack of Trades (JoT). This aura is basically a Distraction and Diversion (D&D), where once you turn it on, you have 3 hours to gain XP in a certain number of skills, depending on its level. Once you’ve done that, you earn an XP book from Xuan in Varrock Square/Burthorpe or Dilwyn in Prfiddinas. The XP varies depending on the level of your JoT, and at the best JoT aura at the level 80+, you can easily earn around 18k XP for relatively no effort. It may not seem much, but for only a few minutes worth of time, it adds up every day, and that 99 in that skill you hate would be more and more within reach.

If this still doesn’t tickle your fancy and you want to look at the other auras, read on to decide what to truly get.


There are many great auras for combat, but as a general starting rule, your first picks should be Penance and Vampyrism. Penance restores Prayer for 5% of damage you take. For example, if you get hit by a 1000, 50 Prayer points would be restored. It’s a very potent aura in itself and it can save you multiple doses of Prayer restores. Vampyrism, on the other hand, heals you for 5% of damage you do, up to a cap of 50 LP healed. True, it’s not that great, but combined with Soul Split and other forms of heal-on-hit, it all adds up, and it leads to more health restored over a long period of time. Between those two, Vampyrism should be obtained first because it can help you survive against bosses you normally could not, but Penance is also amazing if you can still manage to evade death at bosses anyway.

Once you’ve got those two auras, pick and choose what you want from here. The list of what I whole-heartedly recommend is Sharpshooter, Runic Accuracy, Invigorate, Inspiration, and Reverence.

Sharpshooter and Runic Accuracy (my personal favorite auras in the game!) are both accuracy-boosting auras for Ranged and Magic respectively. Naturally, if you don’t need extra healing or Prayer from Vampyrism or Penance, these are very good choices to use – unless you have 100% accuracy, of course. They come in four levels, each subsequent level needing more and more Loyalty Points – their boosts are, from worst to best: 3%, 5%, 7%, and 10%. These are best used on bosses where you don’t have much accuracy and use only Ranged or Magic like Vorago, Rise of the Six, and Araxxor. If you’re not an avid bosser that regularly hunts those bosses, you can completely skip out on these auras and not worry at all. Otherwise, these auras will help your combat performance so much more than most other auras.

Invigorate is also another amazing tool for bossing, but for different reasons. After using an Ultimate ability, you save some adrenaline from using it, again varying from what level your Invigorate aura is (ranges from 2.5%, 5%, 7.5%, and 10% adrenaline saved). This also stacks with the ring of vigour, so you can potentially save 20% adrenaline from using an Ultimate ability. Naturally, there are a lot of possibilities to utilize this extra adrenaline. For Slayer and bossing, you can do a ring of vigour switch to Berserk/Death’s Swiftness/Metamorphosis/Sunshine to instantly get 20% adrenaline, so you can reach your Threshold abilities quicker to unleash more hurt on your opponent. As a side note, Pulverize is a Strength ability that normally reduces damage the opponent does by 25% for 30 seconds. However, if you KO something with it, you are instantly refunded 50% adrenaline. With both a ring of vigour and Invigorate, you can instantly get back up to 70% adrenaline KOing something, meaning it’s an extremely powerful ability for only 30% adrenaline. Use this for Slayer with the above Pulverize suggestion and every boss where you utilize damage-boosting Ultimates, which includes all bosses above God Wars Dungeon in difficulty.

Inspiration is a neat little aura that gives you 0.5% adrenaline per attack. That doesn’t seem like much, but think again: that effect counts for multi-hit abilities like Concentrated Blast, Fury, and Fragmentation Shot. This means with the right abilities used, you can refund yourself some free adrenaline for using specific abilities to maximize adrenaline gain. They all add up, and it’s a good alternative to Invigorate. Not to mention, Inspiration doesn’t require any upgrading – it’s stuck at one level, so you don’t need to feed it more Loyalty Points to make it do anything more. Pretty good, but outclassed. Get everything else first.

Reverence slows down Prayer drain and increases the amount of Prayer restored from Prayer restores (Prayer potions and super restores, among more) by 3%, 5%, 7%, or 10%, again depending on the level it’s at. It’s not a bad aura, but it’s just outclassed by Penance. I recommend holding off on buying this until you’ve got everything else you want, as Penance just does a better job at Prayer management. It’s not a bad option when Penance is not available, however.

So in auras from first priority to last in my opinion: Vampyrism > Penance > Supreme Invigorate > Supreme Sharpshooter/Runic Accuracy > Inspiration > Supreme Reverence


Now this is where it gets tricky. All of these auras available basically come down to asking you: what skill do you enjoy the most? The list of skills these skilling auras cover is Fishing (Call of the Sea), Hunter (Tracker), Woodcutting (Lumberjack), Mining (Quarrymaster, the one pictured to the left), Farming (Greenfingers), Thieving (Five-finger discount), and Divination (Enrichment). Unlike Sharpshooter and Runic Accuracy and the like which came in four levels, these skilling auras come in five levels, with boosts of 3%, 5%, 7%, 10%, or 15%.

Personally, if I had to get skilling auras, I would get Greenfingers and upgrade  to the highest level. Greenfingers are extremely helpful for herb runs, and allows me to make even more cash from just simple Farming per hour or day. Every little boost helps, especially if its for free. Other skilling auras I would think is good is Call of the Sea for easier rocktail catching for easy money and Five-finger discount for easier Thieving at Prifddinas elves and dwarf traders, again for easy money.

What if you don’t care for those auras, though? Turn no further to Jack of Trades and Wisdom. I already mentioned Jack of Trades as an aura everyone should have, but Wisdom is also a pretty nice aura. It gives 2.5% more XP in all XP-giving activities for 30 minutes. It’s great for squeezing out as much XP as you can, so don’t miss out if you want all the XP you can get.

With all this in mind, I hope you decided which auras to buy and prioritize. Let us know what were your choices as best auras to buy in the comments below! Regardless, happy shopping and killing/skilling!

~ Evil Lucario

Minigame Weekend: The Spoils

Ugh, Minigame Weekend. It was both a blessing and a curse.

Blessing: Double Livid Farm points! Half the time needed to complete! Also Pest Control with doubled Commendation points!
Curse: Bleh. All it is was Livid Farm Weekend – two days spending time at one of the worst, most grindy pieces of content in RuneScape (which is saying a lot considering RuneScape’s stronghold on grinding).

As a result, I have done nothing but Livid Farm since Friday. It had taken me hours and hours of my time (and sleep, no Produce-waste), and yesterday at 4 AM in the morning, I’ve finally achieved it.jagexlauncher 2014-12-14 04-38-12-399


Now if you excuse me, I’m going to take a long, long napping from all of that grinding.

~ Evil Lucario

Polls: Where Did They Go?

Have you noticed it? Maybe not, but I certainly have. Over the past few months the Power to the Player polls have been very sparse and far between.

Over the past months the new polls mostly consist of update feedback, while there isn’t anything wrong with that, its the fact that reaction polls are the only polls being put out. Lets take a look, the last poll which wasn’t a reaction poll was on whether or not Ironman accounts should have access to bonus weekends or not. I can’t remember the exact date which it was released but I know it was shortly after the bonus experience weekend–at the beginning of November. So its been about a month and a week since a poll which wasn’t a reaction survey has been released.

To put it in more perspective, over the last 10 polls:

7 of them were reaction surveys

3 of them were ‘diamond’ polls (one of which was a reaction survey)

and only 1 of them was a ‘dragonstone’ poll


There’s been so many reaction surveys lately that the polling section is starting to feel like a feedback section. Do players really have that much power when their only poll options are survey related? Not really. So what happened to polls? Why are we stuck with reaction surveys? The fact that we are stuck with reaction surveys doesn’t mean Jagex is dumping the whole ‘Power to the Players’ deal. In fact, they are improving it.

At RuneFest 2014 Jagex stated their new addition to Power to the Players, RuneLabs, all the close details haven’t been released on it yet and it could be another few months until we hear more about it. However, RuneLabs looks to be a new section on the forums where players can post their ideas for RuneScape improvements or additions and other players can vote on these ideas. If an idea receives a large amount of votes it will be sent to the RuneScape team where they will review it before implementing it in the game. Its an interesting process and I’m excited to see how its going to work. Interestingly enough, if you trace the polls back they suddenly lost content (and more surveys were released) right around the time of RuneFest (when they released new information about RuneLabs). It seems like Jagex has wrapped up the Power to the Players for 2014, however, there’s something much bigger coming in 2015. So though the polls may seem to be a bit useless lately Jagex is far from ditching the idea of a more player driven game.

Scape Smart in 2015

Another year in Gielinor has been spent and 2015 quickly approaching us. Because of this, I figured it would be an opportune time to share some of the details about where we’re headed in the coming year. I will admit that this fall has been rather sparse in terms of posts, but I’m glad to say that my busy season is soon ending, which means I get to spend some more time keeping Scape Smart updated. With that said, some of our goals for 2015 are finishing our guide to the entirety of Elf City, guides to every God War Dungeon boss, skill guides, perhaps a few blog series of something, as well as everything else.

With that said, I would like to thank you for sticking around with us for the past few years. Have a good holiday, don’t forget to make some EXP on the side, and drink some eggnog.



Smart Scaping: Crwys (Farming & Woodcutting)


Players can find the Crwys clan just east of the Tower of Voices.



One: Four Magic trees.

Two: Choking Ivy and farming shop.

Three: Bush and herb patch.

Four: Two Yew trees and a bank as well as Memoriam Crystal 08.

Five: Elder tree patch.

Six: A Spirit tree.

Seven: Crate containing Memoriam Crystal 02.

Voice of Seren

When the Voice of Seren is active in the Crwy clan players will receive the following buffs, as well as the city wide buffs.

  • Replaces all Bird’s Nest drops with Crystal Geodes (affected by Tree-Shaking Scrimshaw and Strung Rabbit’s Foot, does NOT require 94 Woodcutting).
  • Chance of attracting a Guthixian Butterfly while checking health of crops.
  • Chance of crops skipping growth stages.


Adding Elf City to your daily farm runs is highly profitable, as your crops have the chance of skipping growth stages. Players also have access to another Elder tree farming patch and a regular tree patch in the Trahaearn clan. To receive the of the Crwys title players are required to grow an Elder tree and successfully check its health.


In terms of Woodcutting, some of the best in the game can be found all within Elf City. Only a few clicks away players can find an almost never ending supply of Yew, Ivy, and Magic trees to chop. However, what really makes the deal is the bank chest right next to the woodcutting resources.


In addition to Woodcutting and Farming, players can unlock another Spirit Tree by talking to Glouron with 89 Farming (not boostable). Also Crwys contains 2 Memoriam Crystsals. Finally with 97 Thieving, players can pickpocket Crwys workers for seeds, Supercompost, Brawling Gloves (Firemaking/Woodcutting), as well as other universal loot from Elf workers.


See other Elf City Clan guides here.